On Google Analytics, ByStudioWeb helps you

If already you have a web site, blog or shop online, the following step is to implement tools to monitor the visits and make metrics about them.

Google Analytics is the most known tool , is free and provides a wide spectrum of information to you on the behavior of navigation of the visitors who enter to your page.

There is a lot of interesting data, as the key words from who search, the pages more visited, the places from where there are more hearing, and more much.

Summarizing, they help you to know the behavior of your visitors and to know a bit more their preferences and habits. All this information will help you to focus and fulfill better your objetives and to rectify elements from your website.

All information is important, now well, it is necessary to be able interpret it like, it is not extremely difficult, but it is necessary to use time to understand the variety of different statistics that they present to you.

Toda información es importante, ahora bien, hay que saber como interpretarla y para qué te puede servir, no es que sea sumamente difícil, pero es necesario tiempo para entender la variedad de estadísticas varias que se te presentan.

In Bystudioweb, we include the installation and Analytics’s configuration in all the web with finished Prémium.
If you need more information, contact us, it will be a pleasure to help yourself.En bystudioweb, te incluimos la instalación y configuración de Analytics en todas las web con acabado Prémium.

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